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Wedding Season getting underway!

Martin and I are gearing up to a very busy Wedding Season this year.  In August especially we are Weddings – Wedding – Weddings and one of them is in Somerset!  We are happy to travel – it’s just the logistics which need sorting out – we will always stay over the night before is we can – which we are doing for the Wedding in Somerset for Clare and David and in fact coming home the day after the Wedding – so we are making a weekend of it.  What a lovely working life we have! 🙂

We also have a Wedding in June on The Wirral for a couple who live in California – we are going to meet them at a site meeting in March.

Don’t think twice about getting information – email or fill out the form on our Contact Page.  I will email a quote and leave you to consider it.  We can always have a chat on the phone too.

Warm regards. Julia


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