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Photography – landscape

Martin’s Brand New Photography – Landscape Website

Hi Everyone from Julia here at Spinning Your Dreams Wedding Photography

Martin has always  had a passion for landscape photography and he has – since Christmas – been creating a showcase website for his landscape portfolio.  The photographs featured are all available from us as canvases of all sizes.  Just get in touch for pricing – created and delivered straight to your home.


This website does also showcase our Wedding Art – created by Martin exclusively for all our couples!

Below is Table Mountain, Cape Town.  My brother lives in South Africa so we get over quite often!

The bay at Cape Town

View of Cape Town

We are so thrilled that we have so many lovely weddings to go to this year and are booking strongly for 2015 too!  If you get in touch – there is no obligation – I will prepare a PDF Information Pack for you and email it straight over – info and pricing there in front of you usually on the same day you enquire!

Don’t compromise on your memories – book professional wedding photographers – avoid regrets after your wedding – sounds like we are biased – of course we are – all those wedding plans – include the guarantee that you will remember everything with a lovely big resource of fabulous photographs! 

[at least 600 high-resolution – print-ready and not limited] 


love & commitment
emotion & feelings
fun & joy
excitement & pleasure
passion & dreams
wishes & hopes

So much to be captured on a wedding day – your wedding day!




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