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Rowton Castle’s lawn’s first cut of the year!

Rowton Castle

Hi Everyone – Rowton Castle Tweeted its first lawn cut of the year!  Looking lovely especially the new lower patio area!  This romantic Wedding Venue is the nearest one to us – only 10 minutes away – couples often pop along to see us when they visit Rowton Castle.  We have been photographing wonderful Weddings there for 10 years now.  Love it!

Their Facebook Page and their Website – just click!  Julia 🙂

Now a News Flash!  Our good buddy Will Tudor who is the fab DJ at Rowton Castle has a new venture!  I have posted here two of his photos of the new mood lighting which would be great for any event and well totally amazing for a Wedding! These photos were taken our our most local venue Rowton Castle – this venue is only 10 mins from us!  Best way to get hold of Will at the moment would be his DJ website or his Facebook page.  Good luck with this venture Will and Karen – we think it it going to a great success!

We are very chuffed as we have booked three Rowton Castle Weddings in the last fortnight and continue to have regular enquiries for this Venue from couples all over the country!

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