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Shropshire Wedding Photographers

Shropshire Wedding Photographers

Hi Everyone – long time from my last blog and we are still having a very busy Wedding Season indeed.  Weddings last Friday at Wroxall Abbey and yesterday at The Albright Hussey Manor. Our last posting out of our parcel including the “USB stick presentation box and the ‘wedding art’ prints” went to Charlotte and Dan and we always hope that the Royal Mail will do its thing with First Class!  We posted on Friday and hoped it would arrive on Saturday.  I wanted to ask if it had and I got this wonderful email from Charly just ealier…… Martin and I are very pleased indeed!  Do get in touch for a personalised quote emailed to you the same day.  Warm regards.  Julia  🙂 [half of SYD]

From: Charly xxxx <>
Sent: 03 September 2018 13:39
To: Spinning Your Dreams <>
Subject: Re: Parcel

Hi Julia

I’m so sorry it’s been a mental weekend I meant to email you but completely forgot! We have it, they are absolutely incredible. Thank you so much.

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On 3 Sep 2018, at 1:34 pm, Spinning Your Dreams <> wrote:

Hi Charly and Dan

I am thinking that the Royal Mail did not get your parcel to you on Saturday – First Class – cannot rely on it!

Hope it arrives today!  Julia ?

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