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Wedding Venues in Shropshire

Wedding Venues in Shropshire and surrounding counties

January seems to be such a pro-active time for couples looking at their wedding planning – wedding venues looked for etc for those just engaged – if your wedding is this year or beyond – do ask me for a personalised emailed PDF quote – I am emailing out about 3 a day at the moment and also even had enquiries for dates when we are already booked!  No time lime the present!  Our weekday coverage to the Wedding Breakfast starts at £695 including an A4 inhouse designed Wedding Book and [I actually typed weeding book there – no not a weeding book!] and always a print-ready disc of all your photos – min. 600 to the Wedding Breakfast.  Click here to fill out a simple form with no obligation at all! 

Warm regards. Julia 🙂

As we have been established since 2003 and we have had three websites since then and Julia started blogging in 2006 there are a great many of Julia’s archived blogs from over the years – click this link – Archive Blogs from 2003 – some wedding advice included in some of them!

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