Wedding Photography by Martin & Julia Webb
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Hi Everyone – Martin and I were over the moon when we found out that our photo – submitted by our couple Angharad and Dave – had won the competition on Wicked Weddings! 🙂 We just loved this magical day at Plas Dinam in 2019.

Sian of Wicked Weddings conducted a Humanist Ceremony and it was so wonderfully personal… Angharad and Dave were already married as they particularly wanted the lovely Ceremony Sian was able to give them.

A Humanist Ceremony gives such a personal and celebratory emphasis to the Wedding Ceremony…  Sian had got to know Angharad and Dave and their whole story of meeting up to the day they married at Plas Dinam.  It was a complete celebration and validation of their really deep relationship.

I hope that we see Sian again soon and I know that I will enjoy one of her Ceremonies again.  It sticks in my memory as one of the highlights of recent years.

Warm regards.  Julia – half of Spinning Your Dreams with husband Martin

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